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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  August 23, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> a real brea local heroes, hear from of two officers who risked everything to help demand from a burning car. and a 86-year-old woman is sexually assaulted.
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the week -- the victim of the sweetest -- this weekend's shooting. captioned by the national captioning institute a grateful mother thank you the police officers who risked their lives to save her son appeared they pulled the man from a burning car early as today morning. the humble heroes to list -- tell us what they had to save. >> they say there were just doing their job. between them, there is 29 years of experience. they say this is one of the worst things they have witnessed. one mother says that her son is in the hospital and not in a morgue. in gulf within the ball of fire was an alley station wagon.
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inside it, anthony thomas. his mother has not seen this cell phone video. >> that is something i do not want to see. looking at my son is enough for me. >> the only reason he is alive, she says, is because of these two men. >> that is the work of god. he put them there on time to save him. >> it was just overcome with flames. he had minutes to live. i would want somebody to come see me the way we went to him. >> they fought the intense heat and repeatedly to break through the sunroof. >> i was not going to let this man died. >> they had to peel away the steel frame. >> he continued to scream. >> thank god, they did not panic. they put themselves aside for my son. >> his clothes caught fire and melted to his hand. >> they could have been paralyzed.
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>> on the right side of his face, he has charred burns on his face and his neck. his right arm is totally wrapped up. he will have to have surgery. >> but she is grateful. >> they went beyond the call of duty. >> we try every day of their to do our best. it is just a nice gesture for citizen to say thank you. >> anthony thomas has a nine- month-old baby and another one on the way in october. the chief says that, -- as a token of her appreciation, she gave the guys to get to a baseball game. she says they did a phenomenal job. another opinion by virginia's attorney general is going through some controversy tonight. tonight, it is about abortion
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clinics. the state has authority to regulate abortion providers in virginia appeared course he is making a lot of friends in the conservative movement, -- in virginia. >> he is making a lot of friends in the conservative movement. >> attorneys general all over do things like this. they engage on issues where they see legal or political advantages or opportunities. there is no reason to think he is any different. >> procedures will have to be done in full-scale medical facilities, he says. abortion-rights advocates say that only three of the 21 clinics in virginia would meet this criteria. glenn beck and sarah palin will be speaking this weekend.
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the web site offers advice on how to converse. it cautions visitors on what stocks to avoid on metro's blue line and orange line. they say washington can be more dangerous than baghdad. for the second time this summer, an elderly german town woman was raped inside of her home. it happened on the 21,000 -- the 21000 block. >> it happen here at churchville senior living. i spoke with her granddaughter tonight. while her grandmother is doing physically fine, there are emotional wounds that will last. saturday morning, around for 3:00 pm, a man broke into this secured independent living complex through an open window.
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he sexually assaulted and raped an elderly woman. >> it is amazing that someone would be that violent and uncaring. >> the victim called life alert. she described the suspect as a young black male, between 18 years old and 25 years old. he is 5 foot 8 inches to 5 foot 9 inches with no facial hair. he was wearing black jeans at the time of the assault. two months ago, and 8 -- an 86- year-old woman was raped in her sleep less than a mile away. ifwe're trying to determine we can roll these events together or if they are not associated. >> when your answer the comfort of your own home, you think you're safe. >> i do not -- i do not want to keep looking over my shoulder,
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but i do not want to be reckless. >> her concern is that he be caught and that people in the neighborhood no because -- neighborhood know because she never expected this would happen to her. >> as the temperatures cool, it could be tempting to leave open windows or doors. but that could also be an invitation for those interested in doing harm to you or your family. a hit and run has left a pedestrian dead. that happened last night at the 2200 block of university boulevard. officers found a 40-year-old unconscious in the roadway. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. authorities are looking for a dark colored four-door sedan. two -- an officer is recovering tonight after a
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scuffle at a home depot. the officer, moonlighting as a security guard, intervened. he was also beaten. none of his injuries are serious. in frederick, fed up with lots of new seabirds in the area -- with noisy birds in the area. they are firing blanks at the trees, hoping the sound of the gun blast will scare the birds away. hundreds of starlings and black birds invade frederick every year. let's turn to the weather. >> those lucky students. we are getting a break from this weather. >> yes, some years, heading back to school, we have had to deal with heat waves and the temperatures in the '90's rather than this.
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you can see some moderate showers there, like it sprinkles brown the blue ridge. there are some moderate showers. so far, about a quarter to half an inch of rain has fallen. more showers, a lot of clouds will happen tomorrow. too remote -- do you remember the last time we reached 80 degrees for the high temperature? coming up, jurors quickly reach a decision on a murder charge for a former marine accused of killing a former colleague. i said, "run, people!"
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>> this man's family was gunned down. he says what started it all.
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one of the victims of the mass shooting in central virginia is talking with us. >> a gunman opened fire during a family function. tonight, we're learning more about what happened. >> a dispute over less than 2 acres of land led to a mass shooting that had memory -- that had family members ducking for cover and running for their lives. >> they were fighting over the land. >> of the shooter, 52-year-old, charles sponaugle was shot and killed.
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police have been called to the property at least a dozen times over the past two years. less than three hours after the dispute was resolved, another call was made. sponaugle started shooting. the woods. into he saw him shoot cooper's son and his own. >> he could not catch his breath. he shot my son. >> when police arrived, he unleashed his pit bull and fired at them. police fired back, killing the dog and sponaugle. >> when people, against your loved ones, and make you mad enough to do something, something ain't right. the picture is not right. >> sponaugle's mother pleaded the property. it was a said -- is but was
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assessed at $52,100. we have the latest on the largest egg recall in u.s. history. also, a federal judge ruling
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a federal judge has temporarily blocked new government rules suspending stem cell research. the ruling could stall potentially lifesaving experiments. critics say the obama guidelines decrease the number of embryos .vailable for adoption miners trapped nearly half a mile beneath the surface in chile are now getting food and water. each of the 33 men trapped down there reported feeling hungry, but they say they are well. the expected a rescue mission to take up to four months. they are hoping to press demands for a long wait.
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we have the latest on a massive aid recall. food and drug administration officials say that there is no evidence that the massive salmonella outbreak has spread. but they're still trying to figure out the cause of the outbreak. 550 million eggs have now been recalled. officials to not expect that number to grow. there is news of plummeting prices at the pump. the average price of a gallon of regular in the d.c. area is down to 267 cents per gallon. -- $2.67 per gallon. a former marine is found guilty in the murder of a colleague. he was sentenced to life in prison without parole. she was eight months pregnant when she vanished in december
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2007. authorities found her chart remains a month later buried in his backyard. a bus carrying people plunged into a ravine in pakistan, killing 13 people. emergency workers are frantically working to shore up the system of levees. recent floods have killed 1700 people and has affected about 17 million others. >> with the population and the monsoons, that flooding is heading to the south. we have showers and cooler air coming when a chained outside tonight. look at the clouds. coming in. a change outside tonight.
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after getting up slightly above average, we made it up to 86 degrees. the last time we had today with out the temperature at 80 degrees or higher was back on june 9. but that we will do it again tomorrow. how is your nose? that is a ragweed pollen grain. right now, it is in season. if you have a shower around, say thank you very much. if you are walking around like me -- and some of us are really allergic -- that is how many ragweed pollen grains your breathing in. 76 degrees right here in washington. you can see some of the circulation. there is a little upper level low pressure around it. way out at sea, the temperatures have been in the 70's. down to the south is in the 70's. feliz was 107 degrees today.
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-- dallas was 107 degrees today. here is danielle. it is thousands of miles away. it is on one of those tracks where it will go way up to see and not cause any problems for us. during the day tomorrow, that upper level circulations will be around. there will be some passing showers. but the main impact will be a lot of clouds and temperatures only in the 70's. temperatures tonight will be in the 60's. tomorrow, it will only be into the 70's. around washington, i will be 76 degrees. it is the coolest day since june. temperatures on wednesday will be into the low-80's. that is below average. as we head into the weekend, we will have some pretty fine late- august weather.
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it will be a cool, almost a damp day tomorrow. it will be a cool, almost a damp day tomorrow.
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we have endured some record heat here, but california is having the opposite problem. sonoma valley is having unusually cool temperatures. it has delayed the wine harvest for two weeks. crop sizes are smaller, too. quality should not be affected. strangely enough, the area had scorching heat today. >> the one will be a little bit sweeter. this may be a good vintage. >> there you go. i have the very latest on the redskins. and the little league world series continues. the hopes and dreams of
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wunderlich -- of one team gets shattered. come on back on the other side. ♪
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new hires. ♪ new space. ♪ new markets. achievement seizes new opportunity. go to to see how we can help your cash flow situation. pnc. for the achiever in us all. stephen strasbourg is heading back to the 15-day disabled list. another examination will determine if he is done for the season. the good news is that the
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right-hand or did not want to leave the game on saturday. he showed no severe damage today on the nra. however, another mri has been scheduled. >> he is anxious to find that what is going on. he felt good today. his elbow felt good. he is anxious. he wants a resolution to find out what is going on. to say that he is a little anxious, and little emotional, would be fair to say. >> levon hernandez got month by the cubs. mugged by the cubs. alfonso soriano what appearewen.
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the cubs went to beat the nationals. willie parker will restart as running back. mcnabb was wearing an air-cast on his ankle. a kidney disorder breaks down the muscles and features dehydration as the main symptom. shanahan did not want to talk about it publicly. >> i am not going to go through the communication i had with albert. i do not discuss that for obvious reasons. if you want to talk about football, we will talk about football. but keeping on talking about things outside of football, to me, it is completely ridiculous. >> our picture tonight comes from the little league world series. watch up close and personal on abc. mexico found the >> through the puerto rico defense.
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that is -- mexico founded the crack through the puerto rico defense. a divorce was finalized today and not all the details were finalized. tiger and elin were both present. there will be joint custody of the kids. >> not a good thing in. >> no. >> t
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there will be a few showers. >> that is it for tonight. th
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